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  1. I am improving my core now, i cant decide to train with this plan. I am getting mass and i dont want stop it through this plan
  2. hello from last post i did 3 workouts, i'm train pretty hard my core, because i want to do hl finally xd i have read thomas tapp's book "how to human flag" and this guy tell it is posible to do in sixty days it may be hard but it supposed be fuckin hard and i gonna do his schedule we will see whether the book is worth of recommendation and i'm getting mass now, a target is 5kg to holidays. It is quite long period of time so maybe i will do this so keep going
  3. karamba

    c mass

    Siemanko Moglby ktos podlinkowac do jakiegos pdf'a czy innego epuba C MASS PAULA WADE ? prosilbym o wersje pl jesli to mozliwe Bo na szybkosci potrzebuje ogarnac temat ? z gory dzieki panowie ?
  4. karamba


    siemanko i powodzenia
  5. hi there today i slept istead to train because i learn math whole dayss math is piece of enormous motherfucker really xd but today i think i will do some training and i add new plan to my diary as fast as is possible today's goal is sleeping 4hours at least and get up 6:30 and finally sorry for my disappear while forum was disactivated, if i can help with something, please tell me :) i read about posters and stickers with our logo and i am convinced it is nice idea now i must go keep going guys
  6. stary ale zazdro progresu wielkie gratki u mnie w zasadzie progres stoi, tylko waga sie powoli przesuwa ;/
  7. hello guys i ahve came back finally in free time i will actualise the diary :)
  8. @Dynloth great, i envy You and i've just added "new old" plan xd
  9. thx very much guys sorrry for break, but i've just come back last training i had was week ago, but i think i'll do it tomorrow or on thursday i promise that i'm adding current training plan this weekend and finally how are you brothers and sisters ?
  10. karamba

    Stosujesz suplementy?

    nigdy nie bralem, czasami mialem parcie ale tez nie kupilem i nie narzekam
  11. Current form 65kg / 180cm . what do u think ?
  12. i hope that u will try understand what i wrote and correct my replies
  13. when i created that diary i cant write in eng very good and i still cant. It was very difficult because i cant translate my thinks to eng and it is great exercise, from day to day is simpler and easier i recommend You something like that, it is fun and learning in one
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