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Throug hell to dreams


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hi there
today i slept istead to train because i learn math whole dayss

math is piece of enormous motherfucker really xd

but today i think i will do some training and i add new plan to my diary as fast as is possible

today's goal is sleeping 4hours at least and get up 6:30

and finally sorry for my disappear while forum was disactivated, if i can help with something, please tell me :)

i read about posters and stickers with our logo and i am convinced it is nice idea


now i must go

keep going guys


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from last post i did 3  workouts, i'm train pretty hard my core, because i want to do hl finally xd

i have read thomas tapp's book "how to human flag" and this guy tell it is posible to do in sixty days

it may be hard but it supposed be fuckin hard and i gonna do his schedule

we will see whether the book is worth of recommendation

and i'm getting mass now, a target is 5kg to holidays. It is quite long period of time so maybe i will do this

keep going

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